Visual cues

There are a few extensions that, with small visual cues, makes coding just a little bit easier. The ones I use right now:

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

This can help you understand what is enclosed by what. It simplifies debugging as well as makes you more aware of potential mis-types as they happen. The extension will color the opening and closing brackets that belong together in the same color:

Colorizer extension Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 in action

Color Highlight

See what color you’re setting at a glance.

Color Highlight A subtle grey, on display

Highlight Matching Tag

Similar help as what Bracket Pair Colorizer gives, but I like how the corresponding opening/closing tag lights up for a few milliseconds when the mathcing tag is clicked.

Highlight Matching Tag Match made in heaven

TODO Higlight

If there is a part of the code you know you’ll need to re-visit later, this is great way to set a reminder.

TODO Higlight Note to self, by TODO highlight

You can find all of these in the Extensions Marketplace in VSCode.

Next I’ll do one for extensions that provide extendend functionality.